image9Interview with one of the most known Turkish newspaper Hurriyet by Çelebi Turkey managing Director, Mr. Osman Yılmaz.

We succeed together, celebrate together.

Turkey's first private ground handling company Çelebi Aviation Holding, pioneer of innovations in the aviation sector in Turkey, also stands out with the investments made in Europe and India. The company has successfully implemented its mission of “throughly understanding the needs of airport users and ensuring consistent service quality” with more than 13 thousand employees in 2 continents, 5 countries, and over 40 stations. Osman Yılmaz, Managing Director of Çelebi Ground Handling, emphasizes that the sincere family atmosphere among the employees is the reason behind this success that has been going on for more than sixty years.

Who is Osman Yılmaz?

Osman Yılmaz graduated from Çukurova University with a degree in Tourism and started his successful career at Çelebi Ground Handling in 1993. Previous step in his impressive career is the position of Managing Director in charge of Hungary & Austria subsidiaries. During 6 years of overseas experience, Mr. Yılmaz completed also his MBA degree at Corvinus University. Mr. Yılmaz came back to Turkey in 2016 as the Managing Director of Çelebi Ground Handling. 

The greatest move of civil aviation

Mr. Yılmaz said that the process of moving from Ataturk Airport to Istanbul Airport was carried out in a very comprehensive and disciplined manner and added that the new airport is an opportunity to develop themselves and understand the customer better. Çelebi has completed this tough moving process of more than 1200 equipment to Istanbul Airport without any problems. Not only with the equipment transportation, but also with investment in new technologies and updates in its software, the company aims to be the leader in customer satisfaction, quality perception, and process management. Mr. Yılmaz claims his accomplishments regarding those subjects as: “We have made several improvements to increase the competition at the airport. One of the most effective one was the implementation of CargoCEL software which is used for maximizing the quality and shortening the handling operations by optimizing operational processes.  We were not just focused on the quality of the work, we also gave our priority to maintain our operations in environmental friendly way. As an example; we have replaced our conventional battery baggage tractors by lithium-ionized battery ones which are also more efficient. We believe that Çelebi will get return of those investments in a short time.  

“We love to succeed together”

Çelebi does not limit its improvements to equipment but also stands out with its website and social media. Company differentiates itself from conventional marketing strategies by following the latest industry trends such as digitalization to reach not only its target audience but also people of all generations. In this context, the company also gives young employees a chance and adds dynamism to the family atmosphere which is created after many years. This environment, which creates a balance between sincerity and dynamism, is explained by Mr. Yilmaz with the following words: “We achieve together, we celebrate together. Most importantly, we learn together. Therefore, we can define Çelebi as a school, not just a company. We want our employees to learn their jobs in the best way and to do their jobs with pleasure. We know that Çelebi trained employers are always one step ahead."