Teacher HousesA major and significant social responsibility effort authored by Çelebi in 2008 is the project “I am Home” introduced with the slogan “50 Çelebi Homes in the 50th Year”. Setting its hands on a task concerning education that had never been addressed in its 50th anniversary, Çelebi will provide access to improved conditions for teachers working particularly in the countryside under tough physical conditions.


Under the “I’m at Home” project, which is being carried out in collaboration with TOÇEV (Tüvana Educational Support Foundation), the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Transportation, the goal is to make it possible for teachers, who we entrust the future of Turkey and who educate our children, to cope with difficulties, to live under better conditions in new accommodations that have been dubbed “Çelebi Houses” with the hope and expectation that the comfort and convenience they experience at home will have a positive impact on the quality of their teaching in the classroom.

Within the scope of the project, Çelebi initiated work in 2008 to renovate the lodging allocated to the teachers of 50 village schools identified in cities located in the eastern part of the country, and to equip them with basic furniture and appliances.

In addition, the officials and technical staff of Çelebi Ground Handling Stations located in these cities will provide periodic maintenance for Çelebi Homes and fulfill the needs that will arise in time. In this way, Çelebi Homes will remain in the service of our teachers, offering them better living conditions for many more years to come.

The first step of Çelebi's widely applauded project that has set a model also for other institutions and companies came to life in 2008. In this frame, two teacher lodgings have been renovated for the elementary school in the Kara Çoban village of the city of Kars.

Under the repairing and renovation works carried out, Çelebi Homes are recreated in a healthy structure from their foundations to their roofs. Improvements are made to the interiors as well and the homes are furnished and equipped with basic necessities and appliances from sofa beds to refrigerators, TV sets to stoves. Each Çelebi Home is thus converted into a cozy home enabling the teachers to move in just taking along their personal belongings and “feel at home”.

The two Çelebi Homes that represent the first completed links of the chain have been delivered to teachers working with great devotion and commitment at the furthest point of Anatolia during a ceremony held in Kara Çoban village of the city of Kars.

During the conduct of the “I’m at Home” project between 2008-2011, the number of homes completed and turned over reached thirty six. Plans are to complete fifty of these homes by 2013.

Kars Merkez Karaçoban Village Primary School 2008 2
Diyarbakır Çermik Bayatlı Village Primary School 2009 1
Erzincan Kemaliye Dutluca Village Primary School 2009 2
Erzincan Refahiye Aydoğan Village Primary School 2009 2
Erzurum Çat Karabey Village Primary School 2009 1
Mardin Kızıltepe Kaşıklı Village Primary School 2009 2
Hatay Kumlu Akkerpiç Village Primary School 2010 2
Kahramanmaraş Elbistan Karahöyük Village Primary School 2010 2
Malatya Arguvan Yazıbaşı Village Primary School 2010 3
Osmaniye Bahçe Kızılağaç Village Primary School 2010 3
Erzurum Horasan Bulgurlu Primary School 2011 3
Van Özalp Gültepe Village Primary School 2011 3
Malatya Yazıhan Sürür Village A. Sertaç Primary School 2012 3
Van Merkez Çitören Village Primary School 2012 2
Van Erciş Hasanabdal Village Primary School 2012 2
Van Erciş Doğancı Village Primary School 2012 2
Van Erciş Karadoğan Village Primary School 2012 1
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