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Ground Handling Services

Çelebi Ground Services Austria GmbH

Çelebi Ground Handling has acquired from Fraport and added to its organization the conduct of ground handling services at Vienna's international airport, a major European airline hub.

While Vienna International Airport is a Star Alliance regional hub, it is also ideally positioned as an air traffic link to the rapidly-growing countries of Eastern Europe.

In 2011 the Vienna airport served 21 million passengers and flights numbering about a quarter of a million. The airport is expected to continue growing strongly in the years ahead and to reach about 30 million passengers a year by 2030. The Vienna airport offers more connections than does any other to countries in Eastern Europe, a region which is deemed to have high development potential. It is excellently positioned to grow in parallel with that potential.

With more than half a century of experience, advanced IT competencies, state-of-the-art ground handling services equipment, a team of 225 highly-trained people, and a service approach that never sacrifices quality, Çelebi will be making important contributions to operations the Vienna airport.

Çelebi is pleased to have added such a prestigious location as Vienna to its continuously-expanding international network. That pleasure will be further augmented by the service that Çelebi will be providing at this new location to such leading airlines as British Airways, Air France, THY, and KLM, which it is already serving elsewhere in the world.


Objekt 105i 1300, Wien Flughafen Vienna, AUSTRIA

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