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Cargo & Warehouse

Çelebi Cargo & Warehouse (Hungary)

Çelebi's successful company in Hungary, Çelebi Ground Handling Hungary Ltd. (CGHH) is operating out of the new warehouse that went into service in Budapest on 01 January 2011.

Situated 5 kilometers from the Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, the CGHH Warehouse has an approximate warehouse area of 2,400 sqm. Lufthansa Truck Cargo and Asiana Truck Cargo are the first customers of the warehouse, which is designed to handle both general and special cargo.

Boasting an annual cargo handling capacity of 25,000 tons, CGHH Warehouse includes a DGR and a cold storage area. Celebi Ground Handling Hungary provides maximum security at the Warehouse through a cutting-edge camera system, and offers also a special bomb-check service if required. The equipment park of the warehouse includes one 20-feet Truck Dock, one X-Ray machine, one 8-ton, four 2.5-ton and two 1.5-ton forklifts.