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Social Activities
Social Activities

Çelebi personnel are given support to develop themselves socially outside the workplace as well. Efforts are made to create social settings that will be of benefit to all of the company's employees.

One of the best examples of this is the theatrical performances that Çelebi has been providing for two years for its employees and their children.

Another is the bowling tournaments that take place among teams representing all the members of the Çelebi Group. Prizes are awarded to the teams placing in the top three positions.

End-of-season dinners held at all stations bring all the members of the Çelebi family from blue-collar workers to company president a chance to get together and enjoy themselves after the conclusion of another busy season. A traditional feature of these dinners is a performance by the Çelebi Chorus, which consists entirely of Çelebi personnel.

Sports tournaments, excursions, picnics, and similar local activities are organized by headquarters units and stations.

The Çelebi Film Team, whose sizeable membership consists of the employees of Çelebi Holding and other group companies, took part in Corporate Film Fest 2009 last year. This was the fourth such festival, an annual event organized by the Patika Yapım agency, and the second one in which the Çelebi Film Team took part. Competition entries were solicited in three different categories, with the Çelebi team submitted theirs in the “Short Film: Communication” and “Short Film: Advertising” categories.

The Çelebi team's entry in the “Short Film: Communication” category received the “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” awards. In the “Short Film: Advertising” category the team took home three of four possible awards for “Best Film”, “Best Director”, and “Best Player”.

In the previous year's corporate film festival, in which they contributed for the first time, the Çelebi team received the “Best Film” and “Best Actor” awards in the “Fictional Film” category.

Çelebi Theater Club

Founded in May 2010, Çelebi Theatre Club performed their first plays in March 2011 and June 2012.

Çelebi Ground Handling Antalya Theatre Club also had the chance to stage their plays in June 2012 and May 2013.