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Managing the future responsibly...
Çelebi’s management style is focused on objectives and results.
A continuously expanding lineup of products and services...
Çelebi’s ability to act quickly and nimbly is what enables it to pioneer change.
International-level expertise...
Çelebi is a powerful representative of corporate experience, knowledge, and discipline.

Training and progression plans are formulated in order to ensure that personnel acquire and retain training levels that are sufficient to satisfy the organization's existing and future competency needs while an ongoing effort is also made to make certain that these plans are carried out without interruption. In this way, attention is given to equipping Çelebi employees with the knowledge and skills which they need in order to achieve the results required of them in the most effective and productive way possible. Çelebi identifies its employees' training requirements in light of technological developments, mindful of its competitive needs as a company, and in accordance with the local and international rules that govern its operations.

Çelebi Group companies' activities are compliant with socioeconomic developments and with the personal development of its employees. All training is structured so as to bring employees together and successfully gain the knowledge, experience, skills, and behaviors which they need. A training matrix is employed to determine position-based training requirements. Such matrixes are regularly reviewed and updated in light of changing needs and conditions.