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Cargo & Warehouse

Çelebi Cargo GmbH (Germany – Frankfurt)

Germany represents the fourth country where Çelebi commenced extensive cargo services following Hungary, India and Turkey. Acting on the strategy of achieving global growth in cargo and ground handling, Çelebi started providing cargo and warehouse services at its facility equipped with modern and state-of-the-art technology in Frankfurt Cargo City South.

Working in line with its strategy to grow in the global market, Çelebi started operations at the new warehouse opened in the Frankfurt International Airport, one of the most important bases of air passenger and cargo traffic in Europe and in the world. Çelebi's second major initiative in Europe after Hungary, Frankfurt Cargo City South facility incorporates a 15,193 sqm warehouse area, 8,046 sqm office space and covered car park for 162 vehicles. Operating at the Frankfurt Airport since 10 January 2011 with the most progressive industrial software across the globe, and highest security standards, Çelebi Cargo GmbH will be providing service with a cargo handling capacity of 180,000 to 200,000 tons per year. Çelebi will also be hosting airline companies in two separate office blocks, which will also house the European head office of Çelebi.

Stands out with its technology, software and hardware
The warehouse has become one of the most modern and important facilities in Frankfurt Cargo City South with its equipment pool covering advanced technology and high capacity systems such as the fully automated ETV (Elevating Transfer Vehicle) with a capacity to handle 284 x 10-feet ULDs, in addition to its software and security systems. The superior qualities the facility possesses, combined with the brand equity of Çelebi in the international market resulted in contracts with the world's largest airline companies. As such, Çelebi Cargo GmbH has strongly positioned itself in the German and European markets with a view to responding to the expanding air cargo traffic that outpaces other industries.


Building 579 Cargo City South 60549 Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY

Tel: (+49 69) 95 15 35-0
Fax: (+49 69) 95 15 35-109
Cargo: fracargosales@celebi.com
HR: fracelebihr@celebi.com
Web: www.celebicargo.de