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Cargo & Warehouse

Çelebi Cargo&Warehouse (Turkey)

Çelebi Ground Handling's nearly half a century of experience, expertise, and success in the ground handling services industry enable it to surpass international standards in the provision of cargo handling and warehouse services, one of the key branches of the aviation industry.


Because of the demands that they impose on attentiveness and detail, success cargo handling services is contingent upon carrying out all related processes without error and without interruption. The principles to which it adheres and the way that its employees perform their jobs play a great role in Çelebi Ground Handling's success in cargo handling services.

Cargo handling services consist of:

Çelebi Ground Handling is a member of the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Freight Forwarders Association-Turkey (UTİKAD)


Focused on delivering services that are at internationally recognized standards of effectiveness and quality and with the goal of expanding the range of products and services that it offers customers, Çelebi Ground Handling launched Çelebi Cargo & Warehouse. The successful operations of Çelebi Cargo & Warehouse are continuing for more than five years adding new customers to its portfolio each year.

Air cargo handling services are given at a 5.000 m² warehouse facility (T11) located at Atatürk Airport. In another 6.850 m² warehouse facility located at Bağcılar-İstanbul, A type general warehouse operations are continuing under the framework of the related Customs Regulations. Targeting to expand its service network, Çelebi Ground Handling started to service its customers in the 2.550 m² A type general warehouse opened in 2008 at İzmir.

Çelebi Cargo & Warehouse gives the highest importance to the factors of security, service quality and speed. All aspects related to accepting cargoes into the warehouse, moving them around and storing them in the warehouse, and removing them from the warehouse are monitored electronically and carried out by means of an integrated barcode system that operates at international standards.

Some of the services provided at the Çelebi Ground Handling warehouse:

T11 Storage Facility
In the 5,000 m² warehouse which was opened on the apron at Atatürk International Airport, export cargoes that have cleared customs are being readied to be loaded aboard aircraft. This warehouse is equipped with a state-of-the-art 12 camera CCTV system and high-tech security control system.

Import Warehouse
Built in Atatürk Airport Cargo Terminal Area at the beginning of 2010 pursuant to the new customs law that went into force by end-2009, the Çelebi Imports Transitory Storage Facility is set on an area of 3,305 sqm and equipped with state-of-the-art security and surveillance system at international warehouse standards, including a CCTV system with 44 cameras.

While all imports formalities and procedures are recorded electronically and service tracking is conducted in the safest and quickest way, Çelebi Imports Transitory Storage Facility provides real-time information flow to all customers serviced. The “Customer Information Screen” in the system allows viewing each stage the cargoes undergo, while formalities and procedures are performed in a faster and more efficient manner.

Bağcılar Warehouse
In response to the growth in its import business volume, in March 2006 Çelebi Ground Handling opened a new 6,850 m² A type general warehouse. Equipped with world-class security systems, this warehouse has a 64 camera CCTV system as well.

Warehouse Security
Çelebi warehouses are fully equipped with all the latest security devices and systems made available by modern technology. Entrances into customs areas are controlled by security personnel as well as by a means of a palm-reading and recognition system and special security cards issued only to authorized individuals.

All export cargoes are checked by means of 3 X-ray devices before being loaded aboard aircraft. X-rayed cargoes are also measured and weighed and this information is fed into the system with RF terminals and simultaneously sent to airlines by e-mail.

At the Çelebi Ground Handling warehouse, maximum security against fire, theft, and sabotage is achieved by means of electronically controlled and locked interior and exterior doors, a specially trained security team on duty 24 hours a day, and a CCTV system with a 60-day recording capacity. The buildings also have high-tech (radiant) smoke detectors, fire doors and cabinets, and a complete sprinkling system.


In order to come up with suitable logistical solutions in line with the needs of our airline customers, to make our logistical services a complementary element particularly of our cargo and warehouse services, and to transform those services into a marketing function that will create added value for all our customers, the company has begun providing scheduled bonded shipping services among the three airports (Ankara, İstanbul, and İzmir) that are international points of entry and exit.


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