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Ground Handling Services

Çelebi Ground Handling Hungary

As the leading service provider of Turkish aviation sector, Çelebi Ground Handling took one of the most important steps within the framework of its strategy of pursuing international growth and has taken over the ground handling services contract for Budapest Ferihegy International Airport.

Having outbid all of its international rivals in the sector, Çelebi Tanacsado Kft, a joint venture that Çelebi Holding and Çelebi Ground Handling set up in Hungary, won the tender. After the acquisition, the company's name was changed to Çelebi Ground Handling Hungary (Çelebi GH Hungary).

The Budapest Ferihegy International Airport is one of the fastest-growing airports in the European Union today. Because Budapest is an important tourism destination, it is expected that the increase in passenger and flight numbers will be sustained strongly in the years ahead. In addition, the city is a prime candidate to become an air cargo hub for the region as well.

In addition to customer synergies, Çelebi GH Hungary also has the important benefit of the Çelebi Group's IT and operational know-how support and pooled procurements synergies that enable it to build on its past successful performance and make it even greater.


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