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Managing the future responsibly...
Çelebi’s management style is focused on objectives and results.
A continuously expanding lineup of products and services...
Çelebi’s ability to act quickly and nimbly is what enables it to pioneer change.
International-level expertise...
Çelebi is a powerful representative of corporate experience, knowledge, and discipline.
Çelebi Ground Handling is founded at Ankara Esenboğa Airport as the first privately-owned ground handling services company in Turkey. Its first customers are Iran Air and Sabena Belgian Airlines.
Çelebi Ground Handling established the İstanbul branch. The same year it begins serving Swissair at Ankara Esenboğa Airport.

Çelebi Tourism is founded as a travel agency.


Çe-Tur is established to be active in the fields of fleet vehicle renting, personnel and crew transport.


Çelebi Ground Handling's headquarters are relocated to İstanbul. The company begins providing ramp and traffic services to Austrian Airlines and to British Airways.

The company begins serving Lufthansa in İstanbul. This contract is an important turning-point in the company's history because it serves as a major reference for other carriers.
Çelebi Ground Handling's station at İzmir Çiğli Airport is opened and begins serving the Lufthansa flights calling there.
The Antalya station is opened and its first customer is Lufthansa.
As a result of changes in Turkey's Ground Handling Services Regulations, Çelebi begins serving charter and cargo flights in addition to the regularly scheduled flights that it has been serving so far. The Dalaman station is opened and the company begins serving the Hapag Lloyd, Martinair, and Britannia charter carriers there.

Çelebi Ground Handling's Adana station is opened.


Çelebi Holding was set up for the purpose of bringing all of the strongly and rapidly growing companies in the group under a single corporate structure.


Çelebi Holding makes its first venture into the fast food industry with the first link in the Arby's roast beef restaurant chain in Turkey.

The first Little Caesars restaurant, the third largest pizza chain in the world, opens for business in İstanbul.


Çelebi Security is set up to provide private security, surveillance, and monitoring services at airports.

The Bodrum airport station is opened and the company begins serving European and domestic carriers' charter flights in and out of that airport.


Çelebi Ground Handling is awarded the ground handling services contract for Çorlu, a Turkish Air Force airbase.


VIP service provided to top statesmen during the AGIT summit held in İstanbul.

The AHS1000 quality system, the one most preferred in the aviation industry, is installed at the İstanbul station. Çelebi Ground Handling becomes a founding member of AVIANCE, an international organization of independent handling companies.
The AHS1000 quality system is installed at the Dalaman, Bodrum, İzmir, Ankara and Antalya stations as well.
On July 1st, a strategic cooperation and development agreement is concluded with FCC Aqua y Entorno Urbano of Spain. The company's Bursa station goes into service.

Çelebi Ground Handling is awarded its ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate after undergoing an audit by TÜV-Rheinland. The Çelebi Cargo Warehouse goes into service at İstanbul Atatürk Airport. Operations begin at the Diyarbakır, Erzurum, Kayseri, Samsun and Trabzon airports. Çelebi Ground Handling is awarded the contract to build DHMİ's second international terminal at Antalya airport under the “build-operate-transfer” model.


In May, work begins on the construction of the 2nd international terminal at Antalya airport, a project in which Çelebi Ground Handling controls a 50% stake.

Construction of the 2nd international terminal at Antalya airport is completed and the terminal opens for service on April 7th. A new warehouse goes into service and work begins on building a third. With the award of four new contracts, the company is now serving Turkish Airlines in 11 provinces.

With the launch of stations in Tokat, Isparta and Mardin, the number of stations reaches 21. Çelebi has taken over the ground handling services contract for Budapest Ferihegy International Airport. Six percent of Çelebi Ground Handling shares are sold to foreigners.

Çelebi Holding is awarded the right to operate the Antalya Seaport for 22 years.

Operations commenced at Budapest Ferihegy International Airport. Çelebi Group took over the management of the marina located at Antalya Seaport.

Celebi NAS India consortium, in which Çelebi Ground Handling holds controlling interest, won the license to operate ground handling services at the Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, the largest airport in India, for 10 years. The total number of Çelebi stations in Turkey rose to 24.


Çelebi Ground Handling launched its third major international operation with the award of the cargo handling services contract at Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, India's biggest airport.

The same year, Çelebi Ground Handling has also been granted the right to provide ground handling services at Brussels South Charleroi Airport in Belgium.

Çelebi Ground Handling's new imports warehouse has opened for service at Atatürk International Airport in İstanbul.

Çelebi Ground Handling began providing service at İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) on 1 November 2009.


On June 2, Çelebi started to offer ground handling services in addition to the cargo warehousing services in New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport.


Çelebi started operations in its new warehouse opened at Frankfurt Cargo City South in International Frankfurt Airport, one of the key passenger and cargo traffic bases in the world.

Çelebi Ground Handling has acquired from Fraport and added to its organization the conduct of ground handling services at Vienna's international airport, a major European airline hub.


The number of stations where Çelebi provides service increased to 35 with the addition of Kocaeli and Iğdır.

Çelebi-Actera strategical partnership is signed.